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REALTORS: Here’s How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

I know that it can be very upsetting to receive a negative review online. As REALTORS, your reputation can be tarnished on Yelp, Google, Zillow, Trulia, and other sites. First and foremost, it’s important to remember one rule: Not taking action on a bad review makes the review true.

By this I mean that you need to quickly respond to negative reviews and see if you can turn a negative into a positive. Inaction will give other readers the feeling that you deserved the negative review. For example, you can easily go on Yelp and find negative reviews for nearly any business. Some of the businesses take the time to respond and remedy the situation. They offer apologies, share their action steps to fix a problem, or try to explain the situation. This makes them look a little bit better because they appear to truly care.

Taking action shows that you are owning up to the mistake or situation. It shows – not only the reviewer, but everyone reading the review – that you care and want to make things better. It also, essentially, gives you your day in court in front of the judge (the reviewer) and jury (other readers). By calmly, and rationally responding to negative reviews, you will improve how people view you.

If you manage to change the reviewer’s mind, or offer some sort of fix, then there is a chance that they will delete or adjust their bad review. They may even let people know that you cared enough to address and fix the situation. In the end, even if you can’t change the person’s review or mind, you at least are given the opportunity to show other readers that you care enough about your clients to try to fix a problem – which is way better than not taking action and letting the review appear to be true.

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