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The question is not should your business be blogging but rather, can it afford not to be? What was previously considered a forum for frustrated wannabe journalists has now become a key component of online strategies for companies looking to improve SEO. Blogging creates a platform for businesses to share

REALTORS: Here’s How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

REALTORS: Here’s How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

I know that it can be very upsetting to receive a negative review online. As REALTORS, your reputation can be tarnished on Yelp, Google, Zillow, Trulia, and other sites. First and foremost, it’s important to remember one rule: Not taking action on a bad review makes the review true. By

John Reyes

New Year, New You: For Real This Time

Sure, the whole “New Year, new me” slogan may seem like a cliche – but that’s only if you aren’t trying to better yourself or your business. Here at Social NetworX Inc. we aren’t just talking the talk. We are walking the walk. In fact, we are on the cusp

John Reyes

Great Stuff Can Happen When You Brand Yourself

If you don’t currently implement a brand strategy for yourself, then you are likely missing out on a lot of opportunities. Having a personal brand can change how people perceive you and your capabilities. Branding yourself helps to establish top-of-mind awareness in your line of business. When people think of

New Facebook Features REALTORS Should Know

photo credit to: Kārlis Dambrāns Facebook has been quietly unveiling new features that everyone with a business page will soon have access to. These additions will help real estate agents to grow their businesses more than ever before in 2016. Read on to learn more: The Business Directory Move over

REALTORS: Harness the Power of Texting

According to the California Association of REALTORS, 40% of homebuyers strongly prefer texting as their main form of communication. Yet, only about 15% of real estate agents are using texting actively. What’s more, text messages have a 98% open rate – a number much higher than that of emails. This

REALTORS: You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

If you haven’t already started using Facebook Ads, then you are missing out on a lot of real estate business. In this blog, I will tell you some of the benefits of implementing Facebook Advertisement technology to expand your reach and get more homebuyers and sellers to work with you.

REALTORS: Need Video Ideas? I’ve Got ‘Em

Besides having an intro video of yourself, creating listing videos, or making generalized videos about your local community – what other topics are there? Get ready for a plethora of new ideas. Oh, and you’re welcome in advance. 1. Advice Videos for Other Agents “Wait what? Help the competition!?!” You

Millennials Prefer to Use REALTORS

Millennials are characterized as being tech savvy and wanting answers and results fast. They are also the largest group of homebuyers in the United States (32 percent). The latest figures show that more than 90% of Millennial buyers prefer to enlist the help of a professional REALTOR, so how should

REALTORS: Your Only Limitation is YOU

Just because someone has their real estate license, this doesn’t ensure that they are good at their job or that they deserve to have clients. If you are a new or struggling agent who wants to boost their business and get referrals, then you have to start somewhere. Here are