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New Facebook Features REALTORS Should Know

photo credit to: Kārlis Dambrāns

Facebook has been quietly unveiling new features that everyone with a business page will soon have access to. These additions will help real estate agents to grow their businesses more than ever before in 2016. Read on to learn more:

The Business Directory

Move over Yelp! Facebook is putting out a business search directory. By indexing existing business pages, this directory will be broken into business categories which will include a real estate section. The search results will show your company location, ratings, number of reviews, and contact information. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your real estate services yet, you had better get on it!

Ads With Message Buttons

We’ve already discussed using Facebook ads in other blogs, so we won’t go into detail here but, Facebook has now added a “Send Message” button option on advertisements. This allows those viewing your ads to directly message your business on Facebook – meaning if you catch someone’s interest with an ad, they can get in touch with you immediately. Talk about a hot lead!

Message Options Everywhere!

There is also a new message button that appears to the bottom right of any public comments on your Facebook business page. Click this and you can send a private response directly back to the commenter so that your entire conversation isn’t there for everyone to see.

You Are THE Messaging Master!

When people send you private messages on Facebook, a hidden timer starts that gages how long it takes you to respond. Want to look good? Answer these messages as quickly as possible. Why? Because Facebook will reward you with a badge that says you are “Very Responsive” on your page for everyone to see. Communication is king and you can show potential clients that you are the ruler of responsiveness.

Alright, Enough About Messages… Let’s Talk About Messages.

Here’s my last message about messages, messaging, and being a good messenger. No messing around. Facebook allows you to save previously made messages or make new ones to save. This allows you to respond even faster to those common questions that people ask you.

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