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REALTORS: You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

If you haven’t already started using Facebook Ads, then you are missing out on a lot of real estate business. In this blog, I will tell you some of the benefits of implementing Facebook Advertisement technology to expand your reach and get more homebuyers and sellers to work with you. To get started, you’ll only need 50 followers on your Facebook business page. Also – remember that any images you use cannot be made up of more than 20% text or your ad will not be approved.

You Can Target Specific People

Facebook Ads allow you to implement your CRM data and then make a target audience that looks similar to those already in your database. This means that you can get the attention of more people that are like your current real estate contacts. You can also create targeted ads that will appear in the newsfeed of people based on a combination of characteristics like:

– Where they live
– Their age
– Income
– Interests
– Gender
– Occupation
– And more

You’ll Learn What Works (And What Doesn’t)

You can start out by using smaller amounts of money ($25 to $50) and try out different audiences for targeting. Also, if an ad doesn’t seem to be performing well, you can cancel it at any time. Plus, the minimum per day to run an advertisement is only $1. You can create as many different real estate “audiences” as you’d like and save them for reuse at a later time too.

Show Off Your Real Estate Videos

You should already be using video in your marketing. At the very least, you should have an intro video that allows potential clients to get to know you. Facebook lets you take your videos (think intro video, virtual tours, community info, industry news, and more) and put them in front of your chosen audience. Video is very powerful and you’ll reach more people by promoting them on Facebook than if you are just uploading and leaving your videos on YouTube.

Buyers and Sellers Are Mobile

Facebook has nearly 1.2 billion monthly mobile users – a number much larger than desktop users. Nearly all homebuyers and sellers have a Facebook account and Facebook ads let you place your message right on their phones and tablets. This also means that when these mobile users are interested in your real estate ad, and they click on your ad’s link, that your website had better be mobile responsive. Otherwise, they are likely to exit your site quickly and find someone else with an easier-to-navigate website. So start using Facebook ads so that more local people choose you to assist them in looking for a home or selling their house.

Thank you for reading my latest blog. If you would like a free, no obligation business marketing consultation – then give us a call today at 909-786-2107.