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REALTORS: Need Video Ideas? I’ve Got ‘Em

Besides having an intro video of yourself, creating listing videos, or making generalized videos about your local community – what other topics are there? Get ready for a plethora of new ideas. Oh, and you’re welcome in advance.

1. Advice Videos for Other Agents

“Wait what? Help the competition!?!” You may be shouting at your screen.

Well, calm down and think about it. If you are providing real estate advice to other agents, then you come across as the authority in your area. When you are knowledgeable enough to essentially “coach” other agents, then potential buyers and sellers will identify you as the go-to agent right away. Further, other agents may gain more respect for you because you are truly helping them. That could come in handy down the road when you meet during a deal.

2. A Year in Review Video

As 2015 is coming closer to a close – perhaps you should consider using your various photos, listings, and stories from 2015 to create a “Year in Review” video. It might be a larger project, but you can use it to show buyers and sellers all of your success stories – giving them even more of a reason to pick you as their REALTOR.

3. Team Videos

If you work as part of a team, or have a great office staff that supports you – then why not let buyers and sellers know? There are often inherent benefits to being part of a team, or having a support staff, like: better communication, stronger marketing, finding homes faster, listing homes better, or having a larger sphere of influence and more connections. Don’t hesitate to brag if you have a setup like this, potential clients will be drawn to it.

4. Housing Market Updates

More often than not there is plenty of information readily available online from your local association or statewide association. Take this information and compile it into a short, easy to understand, and informative video. Why? Potential clients will be able to see that you are up-to-date on what is going on. Why should they care? This depicts you as an expert who will know how to make smart offers or list homes appropriately. Better still: the market is always changing; this is a recurring series idea here.

5. How-to Videos

Are you an expert at staging a home? Do you know what home upgrades have the best return on investment, both inside and out? Do you know how to better market a home that has a pool? Are you a local expert who sells the community along with the house? Are you tired of me asking you questions?

Then go ahead and make a series that gives buyers or sellers hot tips. Giving free educational advice empowers people and, ultimately, makes them trust you. Bottom line, it’s a great way to get more clients. Win the trust; win the client.

6. What to Expect Videos

First time buyers or sellers may not know what they are about to get themselves into. This idea works the same as the How-to Videos. Educate them about the process, gain their trust, and get their business.

7. Testimonial Videos

Every time you have a happy client – see if they are willing to make a quick testimonial video. Then go ahead and upload these on YouTube, put them on your website, and share them on social media. When potential clients see the happiness of your past clients, you already have your foot in the door. Let your hard work and satisfied clients do the talking for you.

8. Review Area Businesses

Start making video reviews of local businesses that you frequent. Keep them positive and see if the business owners are interested in being part of your video. After all, it’s free promotion for them and it paints you as a true local expert who is part of a tight knit community. Also, see if the owner is interested in offering any specials to those who watch the video. Chances are you’ll start seeing more and more referrals from these owners and they might let you leave your flyers or cards in their place of business as well.

Well, there you have it folks – 8 video topic ideas that are likely new to you and certain to help you succeed. If you need insight on how to boost your business and get more active with video, then contact us here at Social NetworX Inc. today by calling 909-786-2107.