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REALTORS: Your Only Limitation is YOU

Just because someone has their real estate license, this doesn’t ensure that they are good at their job or that they deserve to have clients. If you are a new or struggling agent who wants to boost their business and get referrals, then you have to start somewhere. Here are some pro-tips to help you progress:

1 – Grow an Online Presence. Overwhelmingly, the #1 place that people go to for their real estate needs is… drum roll… the Internet. Big surprise, right? No, but if you don’t already have a mobile responsive website and a strong social media campaign in action – then you should feel silly. It’s 2015. This is a no brainer.

2 – Don’t Turn Down Small Deals. If you are having a hard time paying your bills, then you should not turn down smaller deals. A paycheck is a paycheck and – if you do a good job, your clients could send referrals your way, or they could become a repeat client later down the road. It’s all about building a base.

3 – Stay Connected. Keep your contacts in the loop and stay at the top of their minds. When anything real estate related comes up in their lives, they’ll come to you. How do you do this? Here are a few ideas: post “Just Listed” or “Just Sold” blogs, share relevant social media posts, send postcards, holiday, and birthday cards, make e-newsletters, and do email campaigns.

4 – Hold Plenty of Open Houses. Open houses are a smart (and cheap or free) way to get solid leads. Maybe this isn’t the listing for someone who stops in – but you can show these people some other great homes, right? Plus, you’ll be able to get acquainted with the neighborhood and those who live in the area.

5 – Go to Real Estate Trainings. If you aren’t thriving in your career as a REALTOR, then you are likely missing something from your arsenal of tools, tactics, and technology. Go to the experts who know what does and does not work. Well… don’t JUST go; rather, take notes and advice and then actually IMPLEMENT the guidance in your business plan.

Remember: If you change nothing, then nothing will change.

Thank you for reading my latest blog. If you are looking to enhance your real estate career and do not know where to start, then feel free to give us a call here at Social NetworX. We’d love to help you set out on the right path to success. Reach us today at 909-786-2107.