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Most Agents Are Going Paperless – Are You?

Through trends reported via dotloop and SkySlope the scales have now tipped to where over half of agents are going paperless. The appeal? It’s easier and faster.

Stats that were provided to Inman News from these two companies show that people are flocking from dead trees to digital at a high rate. In total, it is projected that 3.6 million of the estimated 5.6 million home transactions for 2015 will be closed via paperless transactions.

Another popular paperless platform, DocuSign, recently released a new edition of their program that allows for real estate deals to be completed from mobile devices. It has easy data transfer, provides document sharing features, and more.

A huge part of the appeal is that these programs are time savers. You no longer have to print out forms, get inked signatures, send faxes, and so on. Some agents have reported a 30% increase in business because of the time saved by going paperless. If you or your office would like learn how to go paperless, we do offer trainings. Let us show you how to significantly improve your efficiency and increase your productivity.

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