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What You Don’t Know About the Apple Watch

Get Charged Up. The MagSafe charger that comes with your Apple Watch is capable of charging some of your other electronic devices. Since the charger works with Qi-based wireless chargers, people are finding that you are able to use it on some, but not all, Qi-based gadgets.

Monitor yourself. For some reason Apple’s 38mm Apple Watch Sport has a heart rate monitor that can measure the blood-oxygen levels of the wearer. The weird thing? They haven’t activated this function yet. It’s possible that this is going to turned on with a later software update.

Get it wet. Although Apple doesn’t advertise this and I don’t recommend it, but apparently it is not just water-resistant like Apple says. It might arguably be water-proof. Check out what the people at FoneFox did to see just how water-resistant it is by clicking here.

Be careful. Apple has stated in support documents that they will not take your returns if the band has any visible signs of wear, including: scratches, dents, discoloration, and deformation. No exchanges with these either.

Plastic? The Apple Watch Sport comes with a plastic MagSafe charger. As the cheapest model that Apple is offering, you are also going to get the cheapest looking charger. Regardless, all of the Apple Watch types are reported to be very quick at charging and holding that charge, so you won’t be feeling married to that charger.