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Six Key Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

If you don’t know this by now, you haven’t been listening and you are way behind the times. Here it is: Your online presence will make or break you as a real estate professional. If you want to generate more quality leads and get more clients to build your business,

You are Doing Yourself a Disservice if You Aren’t Using Video

According to a 2013 study by Google/NAR, approximately 92% of homebuyers utilize the Internet to assist them in finding their new home. Further, the average homebuyer will dedicate three whole weeks to researching real estate online BEFORE contacting an agent. This is your wake up call if you aren’t using

John Reyes

Importance of Change and Business

Why Do We Fight Against that Which is Good For the first time in my career I made a real estate agent very upset. She was so offended that she made it a point to hang out in a room full of people just so she could walk up to

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John D. Reyes is Officially Online

Finally, My Site is Up It’s about time… I have been wanting to create a site to promote myself for the longest time. I know that may sound a bit weird and egotistical but the truth is that many of us fail to see ourselves as a brand. Yet, we

John Reyes

Real Competition in Real Estate

The real estate business is amongst one of the most competitive industries out there. If you take just a moment and think about it, you may realize that the network of agents in your local market exceeds hundreds or even thousands. It really doesn’t matter if you’re selling real estate