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John D. Reyes is Officially Online

Finally, My Site is Up
It’s about time… I have been wanting to create a site to promote myself for the longest time. I know that may sound a bit weird and egotistical but the truth is that many of us fail to see ourselves as a brand. Yet, we promote our business and our services sometimes to the point of exhaustion. We ask for people to “trust” us in helping them with what ever service we offer yet we don’t take it upon ourselves to showcase who we are – we don’t provide a platform to let them “in.”

What to Expect from this Blog
Throughout the week and month I will be writing blog postings for this site from my perspective. This is meant to be a fun and relaxing process. At the same time, I want to fill you in on what I have going on in my life, and then provide some sort of business or entreprenurial insight that I hope will help you in some way.

I am not writing my content from the perspective of an entreprenuer who has “made it.” Rather, my approach is that of a business aficiando who loves nothing more than to build, create, learn and share. I am working in the trenches literally 96 to 100 hours per week. This is by no way an exagerration. I do not find it honorable that my life is consumed with work. I’d much rather tell you that I am so savvy that I’ve found a way to work just 4 hours per week, like Timothy Ferris, and that my business is flourishing without me even really having to show up to the office. This is not the case, but its an ideal dream that I know many of us share.

Take Away Points
So whats the point that I’d like to drive home for this posting – think about yourself and your business for just a moment. Considering the popularity of mobile technology there is a really good chance that prospective clients will want to know more about you before they ever even pick up the phone and call you. They may not only want to know the “business you” but also the “real you.” Especially if you’re targeting a younger clientele (18 – 34 years of age). How can you have more control over this? It’s much more manageable than perhaps you previously thought.

  • Control How People Perceive You Online
    Social Account Management – All of your social postings should be authentic, but at the same time, none of them should ever tarnish or embarass your brand. Like my good friend and business partner, Matt Ahlmann, says – “If you’re Grandmother wouldn’t approve, don’t post it.”
  • Use Video – Sometimes its difficult to get our points across in writing and many times our online audience doesn’t want to read more than they have to. Make it easy for them by uploading a short, to the point, video.
  • Site About You – If you already have a website, make sure that you have a page that’s all about you. Most of the times we see sites that are incomplete and descriptions are pretty pathetic. Take the time to update your information, and if possible, set up and keep an active blog. I believe it this so strongly that you’re reading my very own at this moment.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote – Promote your best site URL’s and social accounts on all of your print media. This includes any print materials, email signature, and business cards.