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Six Key Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Know: Part II

Here are the final three important and impactful tips that will help you become a better agent. If you missed Part I of this blog, then click here to read it.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

When potential clients are looking for an agent to work with, they want to get a feel for your work ethic. Every time you have a successful, positive experience with a client, politely ask them to review your services.

Do not shy away from asking for reviews to add to your mobile responsive website and your profiles on sites like Zillow, Movoto, and Trulia. When potential clients see the long list of positive reviews about you, they are much more likely to want to give you a call before someone else.

Cover Photos Matter

Consider your Facebook cover photo to be, not just another marketing tool, but a direct reflection on you and your business. If your cover photo is gaudy, out of focus, or irrelevant, it gives a negative impression of you to potential clients.

Your cover photo could be an image of a home you just listed, a marketing piece about an upcoming event or open house, or anything relevant and professional looking.

Side note: Photos, in general, matter. I’ve seen a lot of awful photos taken of homes that agents are trying to sell. These terrible photos are blurry, unflattering, and counterproductive. Ask yourself, “If I was trying to sell my own home, would I even consider using these hideous images?”

Display Your Expertise by Answering Questions

There are many websites that can put you on a potential client’s radar by getting involved in conversations and answering questions. For example has forums that allow people to ask questions about places around the world. Just navigate through the sub-forums to find the area you service and get involved.

Other sites to check out are Quora, various Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and the Zillow and Trulia advice sections, to name a few. On these sites, you will find potential clients looking for assistance. When you answer questions and help people, they may or may not become a client; however, other people will also see your responses. This increases your exposure to potential clients and depicts you as an expert. Just be sure to use proper spelling and grammar.