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How to Win a Listing and Get Referrals

If you are a true, professional real estate agent who really wishes to succeed, then some of this advice might seem obvious, but make sure you are following it. Other tips will probably be new to you.

Either way, there are always ways to improve your customer service, marketing techniques, and ultimately – get more listings and subsequent referrals.

Be on Time and Answer Your Phone!

People are making time in their busy schedules to meet you in order to see a listing, or two, or three. If you are late, it reflects poorly on you. After all, you agreed to the time and this is literally your job. Buying a home is one of the biggest life decisions and purchases that people make. Do you think they will want to keep working with you if you are typically late or unresponsive for hours, or even longer?

This is why you must be sure to answer your phone whenever you can. Check your voicemail often. Return client phone calls… you know… do your job as a real estate agent.

Provide Updates and Feedback

So you’ve landed a client, or maybe you are close to it. You had better keep them up-to-date on every step of the home buying or selling process. Let them know you are reliable and actually want to work with them. Don’t leave them in the dark.

After all, if you are doing your job and you are knowledgeable in the industry in which you work, then how hard is it to keep your client (yes… the person who is going to help you feed your family and pay the bills) in the loop about what is going on?

Market the Home Professionally

So they’ve chosen you to sell their $450,900 home. You could make a pretty penny off of the sale. So market the home like you care. Take high quality photos. Write a vivid, accurate, and enticing listing description. Make high-quality virtual tours. Then feature these items on your personal website, social media accounts, and any other way you can get the word out.

Have an Internet Presence and Show Why You are the Local Expert

If you haven’t heard, there’s this thing called the Internet. Over 90% of homebuyers search for homes, and subsequently their real estate agents, online. If you don’t have a mobile responsive website you are already losing clients and money.

You can use your personal website’s blogging functions to show people that you are involved and knowledgeable about the community. You can post your listings, your virtual tours, your listing photos and descriptions, talk about community events, describe the current real estate market, talk about how wonderful it is to live in the area, et cetera. You should already be doing these things.

So, like I said in the beginning, hopefully most of these topics are no-brainers for you. However, some of these logical steps, behaviors, and tools may be foreign to you. If you feel as though you need some more guidance while on your way to becoming a true real estate professional, then do not hesitate to call us here at Social NetworX Inc. by dialing (909) 786-2107.