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Social Media – Are You Using it Correctly?

It’s one thing to have social media accounts for your business and be active online, but are you actually using it correctly? The first thing you need to do is understand that most people are on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, et cetera to be entertained.

This means that if you are only constantly posting your latest listings you aren’t doing much of anything to grow your number of followers, keep top-of-mind awareness, and engage with potential clients. Read on for some pointers to help sharped your social media skills.

Be a local expert. Most people who are following you and interacting with you on social media probably live in your area. They could be friends, family, past clients, or random acquaintances. Whoever they are, they aren’t all looking to buy or sell a house right this minute.

So, rather than only posting new listings, or stories about recently sold properties, try sharing information about upcoming events, interesting area history, a new restaurant, an so on. This will keep people engaged while showing that you are in tune with the community. People are also more likely to share these types of posts as well.

Share Home DIY Tips. As a real estate agent, I’m sure you frequently hear clients talking about things they would like in their next home or ways that friends would remodel their homes. If you know some smart ways to tackle various do-it-yourself projects, then share this information with your social media friends. Whether or not they are looking to move, they might be interested in a little home remodeling.

If you don’t have any ideas, just go on sites like Pinterest and cherry pick your favorites. People these days love smart and easy “life hacks” and tricks to spruce up their homes and make life a little bit easier. These types of posts will get likes and shares.

Be funny. Do you have any interesting or funny real-estate-related stories from your life? Or have you heard other hilarious or entertaining real estate stories? These are the perfect things to share on social media.

We all know that funny stories, pictures, and comments tend to be the most popular things online. This means that sharing real estate related jokes, pictures, and stories will not only go over well, but it will also help people remember you as a go-to real estate agent when it comes time to buy or sell their next house.

Get Visual. When you do get that new listing, don’t just tell people – SHOW THEM. Most people online would rather see beautiful pictures, or better yet, a virtual tour of your newly listed home. This is a great way to market for your clients.

Plus, people are always curious to see what the inside of other houses look like. We’re nosey like that. Furthermore, if anyone in your social media network is looking to buy, or knows someone in the market, chances are you are going to get some solid leads.

If you feel like you are lacking in your social media skills set, and would like some guidance, then feel free to contact us here at Social NetworX by calling (909) 786-2107. We would be happy to get you going in the right direction.